Date night inspiration

I still remember when I first starting dating my partner, he would text me all throughout the day about nothing in particular, we just enjoying talking to one another constantly, he would pick me up every night and we would just drive around talking, eating, playing on playgrounds, doing the most random things but just enjoying being in each other’s company. Fast forward 4 and a half years…we have been living together for a year and a half. We don’t really text during the day anymore and we both are quite independent with our social lives so there is not a lot during the week that we actually do together. I am either out with my friends, at an appointment, at the gym or doing the cooking, cleaning and everything else required to run a household. He is either in his workshop fixing one of his many projects or at a friend’s fixing one of theirs. We see each other in the morning, at dinner time and bedtime but sometimes we can go a few days barely seeing each other for any real time.

I feel like a lot of couples can relate to this. You can fall into the routine of just cohabitating and working your lives around one another’s. There is nothing wrong with this at all. It works well for us, we communicate with each other so we know where we both are or what we will be doing but I find sometimes I really miss him. I like spending time with my partner. He is one of my best friends and I just enjoy being around him.

With all that in mind I have started thinking of easy date night ideas that we can do together, things that we both would enjoy that won’t cost an arm and a leg and are fun. I have a few ideas, some of which we have given a go and were a success and some which I am looking forward to giving a go but have already suggested to my partner who sounds keen. So, here are some date night ideas for you and your significant other to try out or to inspire your own ideas.

The first few ideas are food related:

  •  A food place far away – okay so this is not a particular restaurant or anything. It’s more about the time it takes to get to and from the food place. Last week, I suggested to my partner that we go to a fast food place that was 40 minutes away from where we live. This meant that I got to have him all to myself for two and a half hours with the commute and the meal. It was so much fun and such a nice drive because we just got to catch up oneach other’s lives, projects, thoughts, opinions etc.
  •  Sal’s Pizza – I live in NZ and we don’t have many places that do huge Pizza’s so Sal’s in Wellington is such an exciting experience for me. Pizza is one of my favourite foods ever so it’s always a win for me but with the size of the pizza being so big it takes longer to eat which means more time to sit and talk (about how amazing the pizza is)
  •  Sushi Train – In Wellington we have a place called Wasabi Sushi which has sushi on a conveyor belt which goes around the restaurant and you pick off what you want. I just feel like this would be exciting. Also, I think you would stay longer because you would sit there chatting and then just keep eating!
  •  Fish and chips on the beach – this is so simple but actually one of my favourite date nights. Any takeaways works and you can just sit either on the beach if it is summer or in the car. It’s nice to just spend time with your partner…and eat!


So, my first non-food related date night idea was actually a suggestion from my partner and it was so much fun. He said to me “shall we just get drunk and play board games tonight” to which I replied HELL YEAH! Of course, I went all out with this and put together some blankets and pillows on the floor so it was nice and cosy. We chucked on some 90s music on the TV through YouTube, drank too much and played the game of Life! It was the most fun I have had in a long time. Also, you can take out the alcohol and just have a chill night but its always fun when you both get to drink and don’t have to try and figure out how to get home.

The Driving Range – This is a good date night idea especially when you both have frustrations with work or any particular area in life. It never hurts to whack a few golf balls as hard as possible and laugh at how bad you both are! It’s cheap and fun and our one is not too far from home!

Movie nights in – This is probably the easiest date night idea. Make sure that you have snacks, a cosy set up and a good movie and you can just enjoy a night in together. I feel like with this option is all about the movie selection so if are stuck for ideas then you can check out one of my older posts for 10 movie ideas!

Hopefully this post has inspired you to try out these dates or come up with some others that would be fun (and hopefully food related) if so comment below so that I can give them a go also.

Hope you have a great week and I will be back on Friday with a new post

–   Tamara


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