A weeks’ attempt at adulting

Welcome to Friday! This is a day that I long for throughout my working week and I am sure many of you are in the same boat with me on this one. The dreaded moment when you wake up on Thursday thinking its Friday is erased when you actually do wake up on Friday. For me, in the corporate world we get to enjoy casual Friday, where acceptable attire is jeans and a t-shirt…to be honest though, if anyone says that jeans are comfortable they are lying. I would rather be at home in my 6 ft. 2 Gryffindor onsies playing the sims and eating chocolate; that is what I call comfortable BUT that can wait till tomorrow.

For today’s post I thought I would just have a bit of a ramble and let you know what has been happening in my life for the last week. I really enjoy writing these posts because I feel like it shows accurately that I too really am stumbling through this thing we call adulthood and if you are reading this and can totally relate then we should be friends!!

My week started off pretty strong! You know how there are all those competitions on Facebook and you tag your friends to enter them but no one you know ever actually wins them and you spend your life wondering why you keep entering these and getting spam from so many pages convincing you to buy a bazillion different types of products. Well, if you too feel this way then let these next few words obliviate that thought from your mind completely. I won a Facebook contest!! I actually won some awesome natural, cruelty-free, NZ made cleaning products to try out from a really cool brand called Do No Harm. Go check them out because I genuinely would have bought from the site myself but was super stoked to win something. I got the Cinnamon and Tangerine Surface Cleanerwhich is absolutely amazing. I am already in love with the smell of this product and the fact that it does not leave smears on my kitchen bench which a lot of other surface cleaners do. I also won the Pin and Sweet Orange floor cleaner (I could only find the lemon and lime flavour) which smells divine but I am gifting to the friend that entered me into the completion because without her I would not have won, plus she has lots of wooden floor to try this out on. So, next time you are scrolling through Facebook and think…no one ever wins though, remember that I did and tag your friends.

This week I also did another very adult thing and I bought a new car. It’s the newest car I have ever owned in my life! My past cars have been closer to my age than the current year but this time my car is a 2007. I am so excited with this purchase and love whipping around in my new nana car. There is not much to say about this other than I really did adult this week with this purchase.

I started…and finished a new show on Netflix that I am guttered only has one season. Girlboss is a fantastic show with a quirky and intriguing lead character who struggles through her transition to being an adult in 2006 -2008 (I think or maybe it ends in 2009) with her equally quirky best friend. There are 13, 30 minute episodes of Sophia starting her own business and it is addictive. Without giving too much away it was a bloody emotional roller coaster and I hope there is a season 2 but also, it’s kind of perfect as it is. If you haven’t already, drop what you are watching now like it is a pair of bootleg jeans which went out of fashion before they were even in fashion, and go binge watch the whole season.

I also got eye lash extensions this week for the first time in a long time. Let me tell you, it is fantastic having lashes so long that the wind makes it hard to keep your eyes open. I might write a post about my thoughts on lash extensions, how long they last etc. so let me know if you would be interested in that.

Naturally, the rest of my week has paled in comparison to the first half but I have successfully made it through another working week of being an adult and I think that requires celebration.

How was your week? Let me know, comment, email me, slide into my DMs on instagram, let me know that there is someone out there reading my blog posts! I had one person message me and it literally made my whole day.

Have a great weekend and make semi good decisions.

–   Tamara


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