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The crap in my bag

I know that I am a date late in posting this week but I promise I have a great excuse! I spent my Monday feeling sorry for myself and binge watching Love Island on the couch because I felt sick. Side note: If you haven’t watched it yet then I seriously recommend jumping on the Love Island bandwagon because it’s so bad it’s good! If you are in NZ you can watch here. Anyway, moving on to an obviously far more important topic; What shit do I keep in my bag? I got a new bag recently because the zip on my previous bag which worked for maybe a week finally drove meinsane. I trotted over to Colette Hayman and got myself a new bag. I got myself a bucket bag so I would not have to worry about the dang zip breaking ever again. I will leave a linkhere so you can see what I got although this one has gold accents and I got the one with matte black accents.

As usual I started the bag migration ritual almost as soon as I got in the car and I thought “what the hell is all the crap I have in here”. I cut out most of the rubbish and I think that the stuff I have in my current bag is just the right amount… although some people may disagree. So, if you care at all or just want to reassure yourself that you are not the only one carrying around ridiculous amount of crap everyday then read on!!

Let’s start with purses shall we. I say pursesbecause yes, I have more than one. I cannot even really explain why other than I have a lot of cards that I don’t use but like to keep just in case they get me a discount or something. My two wallets are getting a bit worn out now but my main purse is a very sparkle little purse from Mimco. It’s really hard to find my cards in a rush in but I love it because of the size and I use cash a lot so it’s great for coins and such.The second purse is for all those random cards I don’t really use but sometimes do. Its from River Island and I really love the colour and size of it too. They are quite scratched up because I have had them for a while but still love them.


Next up I have two pairs of glasses; my favourite sunglasses that go with everything that I wear and my reading glasses. Of course, these are two things that are a constant in my bag. My sunglasses are Tortoise ShellWayfarer Raybans. They were worth every cent because they really do go with everything and I just love the way they look. My reading glasses are from and are the most round glasses I have ever had but I really like the shape of them (Rachel if you are reading this you better not be laughing about them being Nana glasses).


Keeping in the trend of two items I have two note books. This might make me sound a little lame but I have one notebook for positive thoughts and goals which I just like to keep around for any sudden moments of inspiration or things that I just want to write down. The second notebook is just a bit random really; it has my workouts and other random notes. It’s always handy having a pen and some paper available.


This is where I start to get a bit ridiculous, even I will admit that. I have a little pouch from Stolen Girlfriend Club which holds my lipsticks and when I opened it I found 8 lipsticks although I know for a fact I haveanother mac lipstick floating around in my bag because it is my favourite everyday colour (its Mocha by Mac if you were wondering). The lipsticks I have in my bag though cover a range of many possible outfits/situations/lipstick needs. I have a mini creamy matte lipstick from Nyx in the colour Stockholm which is great to dull down some bright lipstick colours, I have Geraldine by Nars which is a fabulous Orange colour (orange is one of my favourite shades of lipstick), the 3 mac lip colours are Rebel, Lady Danger and Retro to cover my red, purple and browny pink needs, the two Revlon ones are in the shades are Striking Spectaculaire and Fierce Redoutable and last but not least the best chuck on lip balm/stain/colour is the Baby Lips in the flavour cherry. These are all great lipstick colours and I need them all in my bag…probably.


The rest of the stuff in my bag is pretty typical. I have two different types of hand sanitizer because I am terrified of public places and the germs they hold. I have pads and Tampons in there also. I have made the switch to organic products so I use The Oi brand which you can read about here but the other tampon bran I quite like is Bon which also is organic and you can read about here. If you are like me and are trying to make better choices than these two products are an easy change from the usual brands and the Oi products can be found at Pak n save and New worlds (potentially Countdown now also).

Finally, as most women do, I have my trusty lip balm. The one I keep in my bag is by the brand comfort zone and is called Juvenate Lip balm. It’s a really great lip balm which I recommend you try if you have a beauty salon near you that sells comfort zone products.

I hope this has reassured you a bit about your own bag or if it has made you feel worse…my bad! I don’t know if this is even an interesting topic to read about but I feel better for confessing my hoarding sins.

Have a great week being an adult and if you have any tips of how to deal with being sick let me know because I hate being sick and get grumpy!!

–   Tamara


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