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It is my favourite day of the working week and to be honest this week has been a bit crazy for me. I wonder if it is just this time of year, does anyone else find that Winter (if you are in the southern hemisphere) is just the craziest time of year for you also? Or is it just me who doesn’t seem to have time to just snuggle up on the couch and have a few extra hours in my day to finish season 3 of Love Island??

Today’s post is something I feel like I haven’t done in a while and that is a product review. Nothing too exciting but for those of your who have eyes that also need an aide then I might have to eat my words because this could very well be super exciting for you.

Like many humans out there I need glasses. In true Tamara style I need them to assist my eyes to relax because they are so hyped up and focussed all the time that it actually gives me headaches and funny vision so I wearglasses when I am at work to basically tell my eyes to calm the heck down. Of course if I wear them for 40 hours a week I want them to look as fabulous as my personality to distract from my 5 chins but with my recent financial journey having already had a perfectly fine pair of glasses that I had owned since was 17, it wasn’t an absolute need for me to spend the few hundred dollars it can sometimes be to get new glasses. Then I found the website

The glasses on this website seemed too good to be true with such low pricing and some fantastic styles. I decided to bite the bullet and try a pair so I thought I would share my experience and now that I have had my glasses for about a month give you an honest opinion on them.

I am going to start off by sharing what brand/style glasses I got. I will pop the linkhere so you can see the shape/style etc. They are a different style than I am used to but I love the shape and the size of them, even if they are a bit nana looking. The website itself allows you to try the glasses on different face shapes, skin tones and ages so that really helps when you are trying to select your style. They were exactly what I thought they would be so that was great for me when they arrived.

With the lenses, I had got my specific prescription from my Optometrist and the website allows you to enter in all the details (even if they make no sense to you). I also select the deluxe lenses bundle which is about $20 but gives you scratch resistant, UV lenses so I thought it was worth the extra. In total my order came to $108 including delivery.

The website gave a specific date for them to arrive which was two weeks. This is the usual period of time I would expect to wait for my glasses to be made and sent so I was happy with that. I got an email to confirm my order and the date. The day of the delivery I also got a text message to say that my order was in transit.

It arrived in a nice little box with the glasses in a case inside and a cleaning cloth. It was cute little packaging and was relatively secure. There was no excessive packaging which I love because I really hate wasteful packing, it drives me insane.

The glasses were a great fit right out of the box and over the last month have proven to be comfortable. They don’t slide down my nose or irritate behind my ears which I can often find happens with ‘cheap’ glasses. The frames are strong and sturdy and the colour is exactly the same as the picture.

I enjoyed the whole ordering experience and have recommended the site to almost anyone who I see wearing glasses so this was definitely something that I wanted to post about.

If you feel like changing up your style or replacing a broken pair of glasses then definitely check out the site and see if you can find something you like without fearing that you will have to sacrifice your first born child to pay for them.




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