Surviving a new job

Hello! Welcome to a new week and finally a new post! It has been a while since I have sat down and had time to write. I started to write a post on Friday and as I got half way through a typical Tamara ramble I somehow managed to delete everything I had written and couldn’t get it back which almost caused a complete meltdown. So, this is take two of my update on what the heck has been happening and why in a matter of weeks I feel like I have aged a few years!

I got a fantastic opportunity a few weeks ago to take up a new role at my workplace. The role allows me to assess New Zealand qualifications for my fellow colleagues which is something that I am really excited about. I never really talk much about my job on here but I am in the adult education space which means that I am basically a teacher for adults in the workplace. Its something that I have a real passion for and have be lucky enough to have some fantastic opportunities come my way. This new role is something that I am particularly excited for because not only does it allow me to help people get some recognition for their knowledge but it also gives me the chance to travel around my city Wellington and also Nelson city which is where I am writing this today.

Although this is a job that I am really excited to be doing, it has been a completely overwhelming process learning new things and trying to get my head around all the stuff that I need to do. This is something that Iknow a lot of people could relate to whether it be starting a new job, starting university/school or just doing something that is new to you. I have been muddling along for a week as I get my head around it all and there are a few things that have really helpedme through so for today’s post I thought that I would share a few things that I have done to get me through this change.

The first thing that I did was get a list to help me prioritise jobs. When you are starting a new job there can be a lot that gets handed over to you from the previous person that was in the role or just a lot to do in general. I got a few things from Kmart to help me prioritise my work. This allowed me to tackle things one day at a time and feel less overwhelmed as it gave me the chance to just look at the list I need to do for that day rather than the masses of work that I was required to do.

Here are three of the things that I use to help me stay organised:


Some other things that have helped are little things that I think that I have mentioned here before but will touch on them again. This next thing being my wifi time out each night at about 8.30pm or 9pm. This is something that helped to wind down each night so that I could have a good night sleep. I am not saying that I would be asleep in bed by this time each night because I have no time to go to bed before at the very least 9.30 in the working week but it meant that I could focus on those evening chores that need to be done or meant that I would sit down in bed and read a chapter or two from my book (which means that I have finally finished a book for the first time in a little while).

Another thing that I made sure I did was talk. Any of the emotions that I have felt over the last week during the transition I have talked about with my partner, friends and family because I really am not the type of person that benefits from keeping things bottled up…to be honest I don’t believe any person should keep anything bottled up!

I hope this post hasn’t been too boring or all over the show because my brain is currently a bit full right now but I really wanted to post this week. I hope that you all have a great week. Please send me a message, email or comment below so we can chat.

–   Tamara



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