What am I doing right?

In my role I am required to inspire people to believe in themselves and their abilities because often as adults this is something that is really difficult to do on our own. It is so much easier to sit there and think “okay, I did this, this and this wrong.” rather than “I am doing this right and really well”. So, it’s an amazing job I have to help people recognise their potential and develop themselves. Recently I was fortunate enough to learn a bit around what it means to actually coach people and work with their strengths. For those of you who have looked at this area before I am talking specifically about Gallup strengths finder strengths which are areas that you are talented in and the things you can do to turn those talents into strengths. You can find out more about strengths here but if anyone is curious my top my are Input, Learner, Achiever, Responsibility and Strategic which are all strengths that helped me understand the little quirks about myself and why I am the way I am.

I could talk about strengths a lot more but that is not what today’s post is about. Today’s post is all about a quote that I heard from someone that was said by the creator of this concept and that is:

“What will happen when we thing about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?”

This quote really struck me because as a 23 year old woman in today’s society I do find myself constantly apologising for my lacking areas in life. I find myself always thinking of the areas in life that I could be doing better. If I have a lazy day at home watching Netflix all Saturday I sit there saying things like “I really should have got up and done something with my day”.

All that preamble leads into the purpose of this post. I am going to share with you today all the things this week that I have done right and that I have done really well and totallyignore the (many) things that I haven’t done this week.

  1.  I went to work every day this week – I managed to drag myself tired self out of bed, put on a presentable outfit and do my hair and makeup to show up at work with a smile and looking good.
  2.  I made positive contributions to a whole lot of group discussions this week.
  3.  I helped 7 adults learn at least one new thing this week and get excited about paperwork.
  4.  I called my parents and had a proper catch up!
  5.  I made time to make my partner a yum and healthy lunch after he had a hard day at work the day before.
  6.  I made countless people smile or laugh this week.
  7.  I managed my time very carefully and juggled about 10 different things I needed to get done every day. Coordinated my time and used the limited amount of time I had as best as I could.
  8.  I walked 15 minutes up a very steep hill without stopping which was great exercise.
  9.  I stuck to my budgeting goals. I paid off my loan and rewarded myself with a great dress I have been looking at on the Augustine website for weeks.
  10.  I made it to Friday without crying even though I have had a super busy week because I coordinated and balanced all of my responsibilities both in and out of work.

As I write this list out I can see that I have used so many of my natural talents this week to help me get through a week that really could have caused me a lot more stress, anxiety and tears. I am so grateful that I can now finish off my Friday looking at my week as an achievement. I successfully completed a chaotic working week and I am still smiling. When I started writing this I was trying to make time go faster till I could go home and have a nap and now I feel like I have enough energy to stop in at the supermarket and grab a few essentials!

If you doubt me right now then you should sit down and write yourself a list of things that you have done well this week. Aim for ten and be kind to yourself. Are the things that you feel like you haven’t done well because they don’t meet your expectation of what a productive week looks like or because they don’t meet someone else’s idea of one? There are so many things that you do right in the day and it’s a lot nicer to think about those that’s for sure.

There is your weekly does of positivity – I am glad that I posted today because it has been a while!!

Have a great weekend!

Talk soon!



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